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There is a one particular sound, a true, resonant ring that is the elusive quality in choral singing and it takes a special group of people to sing in a way that is truly unified and resonant. This is the sound that lights up an audience with the sheer quality of the singing. Tuning, timing, articulation and vowel shape all play a vital part in creating it.

Amateur choirs and their choir leaders up and down the country are striving for improvement through competitions and performances, some with help, others feeling a little lost not knowing how best to improve their singers and their sound.
Choir singers often come to choir with snippets of information about breathing and vocal projection that are at best, confusing for them and often, woefully inaccurate. It can make singing jolly hard work for them and often leave them hoarse and certainly making them feel like they aren’t singing their best. That can be a huge challenge for their choir leader.
Choir coaching helps your singers by getting them to use the same techniques as each other, thereby creating a unified and cohesive sound.

Choir coaching is there to help develop the skills of ALL the choir.
Sandra loves working with singers who want to learn and are eager to improve their own sound, as well as that of their chorus. The two go hand in hand. We have to develop the individual, to develop the choir. Giving your choir the very best tools to learn and improve their singing gives them enormous satisfaction.
It is important to remember that the MD needs some love, too! MD’s need to constantly update and develop their own skills and understanding of how to get the best from their choirs. Because Sandra runs her own choir, The Lost Sound, she can help the leaders, as well as the singers. She understands how to plan a choir session, develop key vocal techniques, good programming of songs for concerts, and she can help coach your ensembles. She can also provide some back up notes for you to help future rehearsals.

Sandra offers a day long/ weekend long or a short course for choirs

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Sandra Smith is the director of The Lost Sound Dartmoor Folk Choir, visit their dedicated website to find out more.

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