Individual Singing lessons in Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay
More power, more tone, more you!

Each voice session with Sandra usually lasts one hour, but can be longer depending on your individual needs. (See below for prices.) Sandra uses a combination of classical singing exercises that enable powerful placing and vocal stability, alongside the contemporary vocal techniques that are more relevant for folk, pop, rock and jazz singers.

Students are often worried that they will sound operatic if they take lessons. This is NOT the case! Many touring, contemporary singers have regular voice lessons to reduce the possibility of vocal strain and to maintain their voices in peak condition. By using safe, contemporary vocal techniques, you will extend your vocal range, improve both your tone and tuning and produce a bigger, more powerful sound….safely! If you want to sing regularly, then learning how to do it properly and effortlessly protects you from possible vocal chord damage. If you are finding your singing is ‘effortful’, sore, have a husky singing voice, or find that you can’t reach the notes you used to, then it may be that you need some help. See safe singing practices. Sandra has been invited to join the voice clinic in a Devon hospital as the singing adviser. She also recently gives talks on breathing well for singing for the British Lung Foundation at Exeter Hospital, Breathing Easy, and improving Lives, IPF group in Plymouth.


Learning to breathe well

Sandra is a practical and pragmatic singing teacher and her sessions are illuminating and informative. She will encourage and show you how to use all of your body and senses to listen, respond and support your singing as you start a fascinating vocal journey. Great singing is as much about listening as vocalising.  She believes that ‘good vocal technique’ is really a much more natural position to sing in than the poor, ingrained vocal habits we choose to inflict on ourselves!

Her aim at all times is for you to release your voice in a comfortable, enjoyable way – harnessing your own passion and courage to explore and open your voice.
Sandra’s sessions cover a full explanation of the breathing and vocal mechanisms so that you can fully understand your unique instrument. You will be given specific singing exercises to practice at home, that help to strengthen your diaphragmatic breathing and sustain an open and relaxed throat whilst you’re singing.

These two components form the grounding of your technique and start the process of integrating the sound deep into your body. It is this integration that produces quality, resonance and conviction in your singing. From this place you start to experience your voice and your singing in a whole new way. And it is a lot less effort! Your vocal range extends as you allow the voice to move correctly through the natural registrations, you produce a more vibrant, rich and varied tone, and so your voice becomes more expressive. You will discover different dynamics, characters and colours of your voice that you can use in your songs. You become a singer.

Releasing the singing voice

There are, of course, very good reasons why the voice doesn’t open like this all the time. If there are old emotional issues, bodily tensions, stress or a real fear of expressing ourselves, this can inhibit even professional singers from really letting go.
It takes courage, presence and openness to the process, to sing. Reaching those high notes can feel quite daunting and challenging and it can take a lot of trust in yourself to learn to master them!  Finding that courage is part of becoming the singer you want to be. It is exciting and very rewarding.

Some students have individual sessions purely for their personal development, to explore those challenges in speaking up and expressing themselves, Sandra is happy to work in this way too.

Interpretation and Performance

After studying the fundamentals of singing and breathing techniques, you progress into the interpretation of songs and how you bring your new mastery into practice. Learning how to build a song with light and shade is an essential art and using your interpretative skills such as storytelling and expression helps your audience connect with both you and your singing. Learning effective performance techniques and presentation skills builds your confidence and gives you a command of the stage and is a very useful technique in job interviews too!

For Professional singers: Vocal Coaching

Sandra is clearly not teaching you how to sing – you know how to do that already! Vocal coaching does not make you sound classical or change your unique sound.
What vocal coaching can do, is help you explore other aspects of your voice and improve your consistency in performance. Could you sing higher? Could you use Falsetto better? Could you open up your lower chest voice? What other tonal qualities are there for you to use?
For singer/songwriters, coaching can open up so much more inspiration for your song writing. As you find more from your vocals, in terms of range, dynamic and tone, this can add texture and interest into your programme. By using different parts of your voice during your set, you also don’t over tire.
Touring Fatigue is a real thing! For singers on the road – how is your voice coping? Can you perform consistency well?
Sandra’s coaching sessions offer you an overhaul and practical support! Getting your voice and body back to peak working efficiency, helps you maintain both your vocal consistency and quality. Through body work and singing exercises, Sandra can release throat tightness, high breathing, neck tension, jaw tension and allow you to experience a more fluid singing instrument. She can also create the perfect warm-up for your voice, show you how to keep your breathing in a position that stabilises and powers your voice more easily and opens up more of your voice  – all of this – without changing your ‘sound’

Voices need some TLC sometimes – they work hard in sometimes difficult conditions. If you have any soreness or loss of voice or you find areas of your range aren’t working well, get in touch and Sandra can help and advise.

Sessions from September 2019: £50/hour
Please give 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations to avoid incurring the cost of a booking.