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QUOTES: “The best reason for joining The Lost Sound, is you get to sing a wonderful variety of material, led by a dedicated, enthusiastic and inspiring woman, alongside like-minded souls who all want to sound as good as we possibly can.”  The Lost Sound, choir member

QUOTES: “Every rehearsal is like having a singing lesson – and the fact that you can focus both on the group, as well as any individual requirements is great! And it makes a huge difference to our sound and the songs we sing! I can’t imagine a rehearsal without the training!”  L.S. Choir member

Audience member from Wild Futures benefit gig, Totnes, March 23rd 2013
“I attended the concert last week and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it – in fact found it very moving; I have never seen a choir enjoy themselves so much in performance – it reminded me what it feels like to be ‘in love with music’. “

Audience member,  Dart Music Festival May ’13
“Just back from Dartmouth concert. Totally mind-blowing. You are all amazing. Verging on spiritual at times, whatever that means . Thank you for a very special experience.”  


We are proud to announce we have been sponsored!
We were approached by Buckfastleigh friends Heart and Soul Funerals and asked if we would like to collaborate. We said yes! See our website and Facebook for more!

Albert Hall 2017

5000 people turned up to see these award winning musicians and we were on stage with them! Royal Albert Hall, Easter 2017, Show of Hands, sell out gig! We went on to sing at Sidmouth Folk Week in our own show AND with Show Of Hands. We also joined them for 3 dates on their Sanctuary Tour this winter 2017.

Show of Hands at the Royal Albert Hall with The Lost Sound

, Show of Hands at the Royal Albert Hall with guests, The Lost Sound

Old Folk, New folk -or just plain odd folk


We sing with a strong folk element under-pinning our set. We look for contemporary arrangements that give new slants to old melodies and re-ignite them for a new audience. We also love the Indie/Pop slant, with in-house arrangements of artists such as Imogen Heap from Lotti Jullien and Sandra Smith, especially for the choir. Our programme aims to display our vocal and musical range. We run quartets and all male and all female ensembles too, which encourages us to improve our choir and harmony skills as well as our singing.

We started in 2008 with an eclectic mix of untrained singers who had a passion for learning about themselves and their singing and who were keen to experiment. We didn’t start performing until 2010, after spending 18 months training and exploring together and learning how to be a choir. We learnt our performing skills gently with local concerts and gradually and organically developed confidence and ability. We progressed into larger festivals receiving an appreciative and warm response. We continue to work hard with our singing techniques and choir skills in order to achieve excellent music making. We have a strong ethos of singing and choral education and good choral practice.

Joining us

lost-sound-023At heart, we are a choir that wants to be the best we can. As we are such a small chorus, every singer is important and vital to our sound. We choose singers who can committ to our performances and are keen to learn about singing and their own voices. If you are interested do get in touch either through facebook or Contact Sandra

What’s in a name?

Our director, Sandra, works with singers every day to find their own voices. She wanted to work with a choir to find the essential ‘group’ voice. The name ‘The Lost Sound’ relates to the quality of singing that is archaic and deep in our ancestry – the one that rings out and touches the listener, regardless of the style of the music. It’s the sound that sings the singer! It is a quality of pure, full-bodied, committed singing that used to be a part of every one and in every community. Singing in a mixed voice choir re-discovers the magic of the harmony and resonance. Men and women bring different qualities to their singing and bringing them together, blending the beauty of their sounds is a fine balance.

The name also clearly relates to each individual chorus member’s commitment to finding their own ‘lost sound’, their own true voice, on a personal as well as choral level. Each singer has experienced the development of many different aspects of their sound-making through The Lost Sound’s training.

All singers work within these guidelines:

  • We rehearse every Tuesday evening, in Buckfastleigh, Devon
    (7.30-9.45pm), and extra rehearsals will be commonplace leading up to performances
  • We require excellent attendance for rehearsals (a maximum of 3 absences per term) and that you will continue to learn and practice the pieces at home.
  • All singers pay subscriptions to take part in rehearsal sessions and to be part of the chorus. The ‘subs’ are payable in half-term instalments, which will work out at about £8 per session.
  • We are interested in singers who work easily as part of a team and who are happy to fit the vision we have for the chorus and its sound.
  • The ability to easily sing in tune is essential.
  • The choir is for adult members only, i.e., over 16 years-old.

We’d love to hear from you and what you think of our singing! You can see YouTube clips by following our Facebook links above.  And do Get in touch if you would like to audition for us!