Team Building Choir Workshops
Corporate choir team building days

Choirs are BIG NEWS at the moment, Gareth Malone and the BBC’s Last Choir Standing have helped revolutionise the choir world. Choirs make sense- A large or small group activity that creates harmony (a fantastic metaphor!) whilst providing masses of fun. Singing together breaks down barriers and leaves your company feeling energised and relaxed. What’s more, you get a ‘product’ at the end of it – a song!

No previous singing experience is needed for these workshops. We choose easily accessible harmony songs – from the world music, pop and folk traditions depending on the style of your company – Songs that inspire your staff to get on board – and singing together unites your work force into one dynamic body – a choir.

There is an intrinsic difference between singing together
and singing at the same time!

With Sandra’s 30 years’ experience of teaching vocal and choral techniques she brings the added skill to change a ‘singsong’ into something special.

Why a choir?

  • It supports individual responsibility and team reliance. All members of the choir share the responsibility of the end result.
  • It breaks down taboos and aids communication between company members. Each section of the choir bonds quickly together.
  • It energises, unifies and strengthens the group
  • A choir develops patience and needs attentive, accurate listening and co-operation skills, both within their own sections and as a choir.
  • Choir members learn to take direction and follow a leader and learn to let go of leading from within!
  • Choirs require patience and respectful listening as others learn their parts.
  • Choirs teach new vocal skills – this helps with presentations and communications within the office. Singing enhances speaking voices too which helps to become more dynamic presenters
  • A choir gives an enriching sense of accomplishment
  • Offers the opportunity to really surprise yourself!


 It has been said that someone would rather have an unnecessary operation than do public speaking! A choir workshop is an exciting way of experiencing and achieving a performance from your group that is fully supported! It’s dynamic, uplifting and addictive!

Tailor made team building

Depending on the size of your group, Sandra works on her own or with a team of music leaders and experienced coaches. can tailor the workshops to suit your specific needs. You can book a half day/full day or longer for your event.

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