Understanding Vocal techniques

Sandra teaches with a full knowledge of the physical and vocal anatomy that is needed to provide a safe technical base see safe singing practices. Giving a thorough, practical and anatomically correct explanation can be amazingly liberating for many singers who find they have misunderstood concepts of vocal technique and breathing. When choir coaching, Sandra is very happy to explain any other issues that your singers need to understand in order to get the big picture!

If you are on this page you are probably looking for answers of how to improve your choir! Please do feel free to talk to Sandra about your specific requirements. Whatever your choirs style of singing, whether it be classical, barbershop chorus, community choir, world music or folk choir, the singing and breathing techniques that Sandra teaches can bring out the best in your singers and your style of music, by enhancing its essential quality and character.

Does your choir have key problems with:

  • Tuning of chords
  • Holding pitch through song
  • Flagging vocal energy mid song
  • Lack of expression and vitality in performance

It does take time for a singer to change their habits, as all MD’s know – but giving your singers the best possible foundation, enables them to gain confidence in how they sing and the quality they can produce.

The 2 fundamentals to establish for your singers that will support everything they need to do are:

  • Breath control
  • Forward Placement of the voice

Working on these 2 key components helps your singers move between registers, stay in the same vocal colour as they go up the scale (i.e. they don’t go breathy as they get higher) and absolutely improves the ringing of every chord.

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