In person teaching!

After the longest time – I have started back to in person singing lessons for adults. It feels great to be back teaching singing again. Even today, the results have been exciting to hear.
I teach singing for beginner adults as well as professional singers. Pro singers may need some guidance to get vocally fit after being out of gigging practise for a while. It’s easy to feel rusty after a long break. Now that gigs are opening up – it’s time to get yourself tuned back in. Remembering that we need to work ahead of our ‘deadline’ dates for singing, works better than trying to get your voice in shape two days before your first gig!

I am working with people who are doubly vaccinated (I’ve had both of mine) and who are prepared to do a lateral flow test on the morning of their lesson. I will be doing 2 tests a week. I’ve ensured that there will be a 15 minute gap between singers to air the room properly and I will be masked for the session, so that you don’t need to be. I will keep socially distanced, too. It’s a large, well ventilated room, so I’m thinking that this should be enough!

Bookings have already increased, so it’s clear that people are eager to come back to their singing lessons. I will keep spaces for Zoom online singing lessons to continue with those singers who are at a distance. I’ve enjoyed working with singers across the country through Zoom and this will now be part of my teaching week. It will also be a great back up if local singers are very late or not feeling 100% well – now we have a rescue package, rather than missing a lesson.

Looking forward to seeing you all again! Bookings:

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Busy few weeks working with in person #singinglessons again. The increased impact of a live setting is so exciting…

@ChurchfieldJE Staying masked and my choir will stay rehearsing outdoors! It's very close to home at the moment.

@JWHallBaritone Totally agree. As a singer and a singing teacher I really don't want to be ill with this!

@DavidR_Turner Ha! Thanks Mr Turner x