Exercises that enable powerful placing and vocal stability

Individual Sessions

Each voice session with Sandra usually lasts one hour, but can be longer depending on your individual needs. Sandra uses a combination of classical and contemporary singing exercises that enable powerful placing and vocal stability. The contemporary vocal techniques are more relevant for folk, pop, rock and jazz singers.  

So why have singing lessons?
People come for lessons with Sandra for a variety of reasons. Some are totally new to singing and want to join their local community choir, some are already in a choir and want to improve enough to join a smaller ensemble or to audition for a solo. Some are happy singing on the amateur circuit in Jazz bands, Rock bands and on open mic nights. Others want to explore this wonderful medium and see what their voices can do – with no ulterior motive, just for the sheer pleasure!

Students are often worried that they will sound operatic if they take lessons. This is NOT the case! Many touring, contemporary singers have regular voice lessons to reduce the possibility of vocal strain and to maintain their voices in peak condition. By using safe, contemporary vocal techniques, you will extend your vocal range, improve both your tone and tuning and produce a bigger, more powerful sound….safely! If you want to sing regularly, then learning how to do it properly and effortlessly, protects you from possible vocal damage. If you are finding your singing is ‘effortful,’ sore, have a husky singing voice, or find that you can’t reach the notes you used to, then it may be that you need some help. See safe singing practices. Sandra was invited to join the voice clinic in a Devon hospital as the singing adviser. She has also given talks on ‘breathing well for singing’ for the British Lung Foundation at Exeter Hospital, ‘Breathing Easy’, a support group for those with COPD and IPF lung conditions and ‘Improving Lives’, IPF support group in Plymouth.

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Sandra Smith is the director of The Lost Sound Dartmoor Folk Choir, visit their dedicated website to find out more.

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