Professional singers: Vocal Coaching

Sandra is clearly not teaching you how to sing – you know how to do that already! Vocal coaching also, does not make you sound classical or change your unique sound. We find ways for you to make your ‘sound’ safely and without strain.
What vocal coaching classes do, is help you explore other aspects of your voice and improve your consistency in performance. 
* Could you sing higher?
* Could you use Falsetto better?
* Could you open up your lower chest voice?
* What other tonal qualities are there for you to use?
For singer/songwriters, vocal coaching can open up so much more of your voice and inspire your song writing, too. As you find more from your own vocals, in terms of range, dynamic and tone, this can add new texture and interest into your writing, as you get more confident with your new instrument. Learning to use the different parts of your voice through a programme, also helps keep the voice fresh so it doesn’t tire.

Touring Fatigue: Every touring singer knows the demands of being on tour and still having to produce a great performance every night. For singers on the road – how does your voice cope? Do you get tired, vocally?
Sandra’s coaching sessions offer you an overhaul and practical support! Getting your voice and body back to peak working efficiency, helps you maintain both your vocal consistency and quality. Through body work and singing exercises, Sandra can release throat tightness, high breathing, neck tension, jaw tension and allow you to experience a more fluid singing instrument. She can also create the perfect warm-up for your voice, show you how to keep your breathing in a position that stabilises and powers your voice more easily and opens up more of your voice  – all of this – without changing your ‘sound’

Voices need some TLC sometimes – they work hard in sometimes difficult conditions. If you have any soreness or loss of voice or you find areas of your range aren’t working well, please don’t leave it – get in touch and Sandra can help and advise.

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