Breathing sessions for IPF, COPD, Stress and Anxiety

Sandra has been working with breathing issues for many years, helping many people cope with their illnesses and stress, to create a better way of living.
Sandra uses a mixture of body work and practical breathing exercises, in a one to one setting, to help alleviate the struggle to breathe. Most clients with breathing difficulties are chest breathers which often triggers anxiety and puts added stress into the body. The heart has to work harder and you often feel tired. Sandra can show you how to change from your chest to deep, slow diaphragmatic breathing. This makes an enormous difference to your well being, with many being able to walk more easily, sleep better and clear their chests more effectively.

With clear explanations and practical exercises that you can do at home, you can develop an understanding of your breathing patterns and make changes that will help you breathe more easily and more calmly.

Sandra has given talks on ‘breathing well for singing’ for the British Lung Foundation at Exeter Hospital, ‘Breathing Easy’, a support group for those with COPD and IPF lung conditions and ‘Improving Lives’, IPF support group in Plymouth. See also the Blog post about The Lancet

Stress and Anxiety
If you are suffering from Stress and Anxiety – good belly breathing can make a huge difference to your recovery. Stress means you are living in the Fight/flight/freeze reflex and your body is producing adrenaline all day long. Your body thinks it is under threat. You may be experiencing shaking, fatigue, but be unable to sleep, brain fog and feeling overly emotional. These are all symptoms of stress and anxiety, not you going mad, although it can sometimes feel like it.
Many people fear that they can’t see a way out of these conditions, despite seeing counsellors, as the sense of panic remains. There IS a way through – changing your breathing habits, changes how your body functions. Over time, your system will calm down again and you will recover.
Changing your breathing habits will calm and relax your system and help you turn off the adrenal glands, so that your body knows you are safe again. The shaking will stop and you won’t feel so utterly exhausted.
We don’t have to do any singing in these sessions (unless you want to and it’s very soothing!) we can work the breath through exercises and speaking.
Talk to Sandra about how this can help.
ONLINE help via Zoom is available

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