Long term Covid helped by singing and breathing!

The English National Opera have been doing online lessons for long term Covid sufferers, to help with their breathing. And it’s helping! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-55819360

This is something many singing teachers have been working with up and down the country. Breathing techniques, of course will help not just Covid sufferers, but IPF and COPD/Asthma breathers too. What better way than to add a song or vocal exercises to the workout too!

Getting your lungs working well is important for all of us – many people who come for singing lessons breathe high in their chests, instead of using their diaphragms. Changing the way we breathe is the first thing we work on – we get a better tone, more range and more flexibility.

There are 3 muscle groups that help with effective and nourishing breathing. The abdominal wall, the intercostal muscles of your ribs and your diaphragm. Your lungs are passive, as they are organs and don’t have muscle. ANY muscle can be trained if you do something habitually, so you see, you can train your breathing to do more, by understanding how it all works together!

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