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Hello Singers! Sandra here! Keep up to date with events and news about my workshops, courses and other areas of interest, here! I’ll be updating this area more often and also getting some ideas down about singing, breathing, choirs and rehearsals on my Blog. If you find you want to discuss an idea or ask questions, then do email me and I will see if I can write something about it. Hope you enjoyed the new website, beautifully put together by John and Steph from based in Tavistock.
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Sandra Smith is the director of The Lost Sound Dartmoor Folk Choir, visit their dedicated website to find out more.

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Pretty busy on Buy Me Coffee/thelostsound, today with this song. #Fiddlers know this tune very well!

@sweeneyfiddle Yep had lots of people happy to tell how to do my job better - they are always people who can't do i…

@eliistender10 We can sing!

@BorisJohnson No mention of choirs. We need to get back to work! Please advise on whether we can meet to sing again and in what numbers.