We have sung in harmony since the world began...

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All Sandra’s vocal technique workshops, breathing workshops and singing courses have a bias towards providing you with practical, informative vocal training and skills. They are for singers of all levels who are committed and excited to be improving their singing. Your ability to listen accurately and to assess, both yourself and others, will develop too, as you increase your awareness of how your vocal instrument works best. There are plenty of practical exercises that help build your confidence and your ability as you experience a release in your vocal mechanism. Having a free, resonant voice is easier than you imagined!

Many people think that music is something they cant understand and is somehow beyond them. Sandra believes that music is essential for us all and it has been an aural folk tradition, long before it was an academic qualification! We have sung in harmony since the world began, it creates community and well-being and serves as a great metaphor for society!

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Sandra Smith is the director of The Lost Sound Dartmoor Folk Choir, visit their dedicated website to find out more.

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