Breathing for Singers

This is one of Sandra’s most popular workshops! It is the essential foundation for all singers, regardless of style or experience and it can change all aspects of your singing – Tone, Agility, Range and Emotional connection – learning to breathe well is the key to better singing!

This is NOT a singing workshop! It really is all about the breath. There are so many misunderstandings and inaccuracies about breathing that understanding how the whole breathing function works, can be a revelation.

The workshop will cover and fully explain;

  • The anatomy of breathing; How it works and why it doesn’t
  • How your posture affects your breathing
  • The 3 main breathing muscles – How we train them
  • Exercises to get these muscles stronger
  • Connecting your voice into this essential support

Using visual aids, practical exercises, clear explanations and an experiential style, Sandra can show you how to enhance your experience of singing and your sound.

Please register your interest with Sandra and she will let you know when the next course is running. – Contact Sandra

(Given the current crisis – this workshop can be run with very small numbers when lockdown ceases and we are able to meet again)

Sandra has also run this workshop for IPF and COPD (Asthma, Emphysema, etc) clients. Anyone with serious breathing difficulties can see Sandra privately (in person or online) for a session.

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