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How to sing together – Build new singing, listening and musical skills

This 4 week course requires a good level of tuning as you will be working in harmony throughout. You don’t need to read music as everything is taught by ear and notes.

This unique course is for singers who are ready to learn new skills for choir and small group singing. It may be that you are looking to ‘upgrade’ your choir and need more skills in preparation for an audition, or maybe you want to start to sing in quartets and small ensembles or close harmony backing.

Singing in harmony is more than just learning the notes. The tuning of your part into another is what makes the chord ‘lock’. The more you match the shape of the sound through vowels and synchronisation, the more the harmony will resonate and the more tuneful the chord will sound. Get all 4 parts locking in and the room is humming! But, if that tuning isn’t there, then there is no true chord, literally the frequencies of the notes are not in line, so, no ring. Achieving that finite ability of tuning into each other is a vital skill and shows the expertise of your ensemble. Come and learn how we do it!

This is a very ‘user friendly’ course packed with singing exercises, top tips, coaching feedback and information! Each week will cover a particular topic of choir skills with songs related to that subject to work on.
You will be able to work in small groups and as a larger ensemble.

You will learn about: –

  • Blending of voices,
  • Synchronization
  • Getting accurate tuning of chords
  • Dynamics
  • Interpretation
  • Expression
  • Vocal and Breathing techniques
  • Listening skills

The aim of the training is to build your vocal and technical awareness, and to improve your listening skills and tuning accuracy, something that all good harmony singing requires. Through carefully selected vocal exercises you will have time to explore and experiment – all the while developing your understanding and experience of how and why choirs do what they do and why things work one way and not the other! You can ask questions and have time to fully understand!

De-mystifying musical elements is an important process for many singers who haven’t had any formal musical training – but equally, re-mystifying the whole music making process by re-engaging the magic, can be of huge importance. Previous choir courses have had exquisite moments when singers have felt the true quality of singing together, feeling the vibration of ‘close harmony’ – musically and metaphorically.

These 4 week training courses require an attendance commitment, so we can all progress together. You are welcome to come and discover how much more you can do with a little help, both vocally and chorally. The songs are kept at an accessible level and work within the capability of the group. The course will build your confidence and show you that you can do it too!

NEXT COURSE: 7th – 28th September 2020 – Monday evenings 7:30pm – 9pm £40. Bookings:

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