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One of the more positive aspects of the online zoom boom, is that there have been many CPD online technique courses on offer for singing teachers. It has been exciting and valuable to be able to access these this year.

I’ve done courses in everything from coaching to laryngeal massage online, and a lot in between. Some of the courses really inspired my zoom teaching, both for my individual clients and also for my choir, The Lost Sound. We now have a library of videos for techniques and musical theory information that our singers can access.

Other online courses have refreshed all the basics of singing teaching – to cement knowledge and application. Sometimes it’s good to hear you’re doing it right – even after all these years of teaching!
As a teacher, it is important to keep up with training – new ideas and new research are constantly improving how we listen, what we understand of the voice and how we can release the sound.

It’s been a really busy year getting The Lost Sound back on the road with our biggest programme ever and with a double finale at Sidmouth Folk Festival. We’ve had sell out concerts and festivals and had fantastic feedback for our singing. That is so heartening after 2 years of no performances.
Building up my own practise again has been wonderful, too, with gigs becoming more regular. Returning singers are getting ready to get working again and those that never stopped through the pandemic by learning through Zoom, are now back in the room. Plus many new students are finding their way into starting their singing journey.
It’s been a full year and one for which I am very grateful.

Teaching singing has been my life’s work – the thought of never being able to do that on an in person, individual way again, filled me with dread – so I am here, teaching and ready for the next part of the singing journey!
If you’d like to learn to sing, join a choir or make space to explore your voice, do get in touch.


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