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Devon libraries are running an A – Z of ideas for well being and have a great reading list suggestion! I’m delighted to be included in the V is for VOICE section. Singing, in whatever form, is so good for you! Singing is like a jog around the block for your heart and lungs. Most of us are spending a large amount of time sitting down, during lockdown, so a good sing gets us active and stimulated with our heart and lungs enjoying the benefits! Singing also releases endorphins, my students certainly feel better, calmer, happier and more energised after a lesson!

Learning to craft a song and being able to perform it, is a wonderful achievement. It can also be a perfect challenge for a lockdown project! There are many backing tracks that you can use online and you can download the sheet music or lyrics of many songs. Learning new vocal skills also helps with all work presentations, too. Singing helps you become more confident in using your voice in work situations. My students have found that they interview better and they are much more aware of how they come across. They understand the importance of body posture, breathing and expression – all that from singing!

Singing lessons can improve the tone of your voice, your range and your agility. Both your speaking and singing voice can be more interesting for listeners. Lessons can also help with keeping your voice fit and healthy – a must for anyone who speaks a lot for their job.

There are so many benefits – both musical and practical – that singing lessons can help with – why not give it a go? If you fancy a new challenge – give me a ring and we can set up a zoom session!

Take a look at Devon libraries ideas:

V is for Voice –

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