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A cappella singing workshops, choir coaching and singing lessons in Devon and South West with Sandra Smith, experienced singing teacher and choir coach.

Explore this web site to find out more about individual singing lessons, vocal and breathing training, choir coaching and open access singing workshops in the South West of England.

Sandra Smith has 30 years’ experience of teaching vocal, performance and presentation skills to both individuals and groups in colleges and privately. She coaches Community Choirs, Gospel choirs, Barbershop choruses and more, to help create their own unique sound.

  • Learn to do more with your singing voice
  • Learn how YOU can sing with more colour, more power and more passion
  • Learn what makes choir singing exciting and beautiful
  • Choose an individual singing lesson, singing workshop, or join a contemporary choir

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Sandra Smith is the director of The Lost Sound Dartmoor Folk Choir, visit their dedicated website to find out more.

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Pretty busy on Buy Me Coffee/thelostsound, today with this song. #Fiddlers know this tune very well! t.co

@sweeneyfiddle Yep had lots of people happy to tell how to do my job better - they are always people who can't do i… t.co

@eliistender10 We can sing!

@BorisJohnson No mention of choirs. We need to get back to work! Please advise on whether we can meet to sing again and in what numbers.